Let’s be real ladies, sometimes pregnancy can be a time of feeling tired and sick but undoubtedly it’s one of the most exciting and unforgettable times of your life. Maternity portraits are a way for you to show your excitement and love to your upcoming daughter or son. Maternity photography can seem intimidating to some women but I am dedicated to making you feel comfortable, capturing genuine smiles and making expectant mothers look and feel beautiful. Your maternity shoot can be something you do alone or you may want to have your partner or other children involved in your bump session. Whatever you decide i’m sure it will be beautiful.

A maternity photography session is best when you are  28 weeks plus. Everyone carries differently so its up to the individual but most women book for  when they are around 32 weeks.  It doesn’t matter how far you are into your pregnancy to book in, it’s exciting and gives you something to look forward to while you are waiting for baby to arrive. Most book with me after 20 week scan but you can book anytime. Call 07538443423 or email info@cloud11photography.co.uk